At times, I've been tempted, this time successfully, to adapt some of my favorite poetic works to music.

"In Search of the Sublime" includes musical renderings of Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress," the Shaker hymn "Samanthra," a section of the Celtic myth-poem "Sweeney Astray," and the Welsh proto-poem "Hanes Taliesin."


This CD contains 8 original songs and two traditional lullabyes. The feel of the original songs ranges from blues to country to light rock.



This is my latest release. It features seven original songs, in a blues and light rock format. The traditional or borrowed songs on this CD include Blind Willie McTell's "Searchin' the Desert for the Blues," a Gypsy-like tune called "Little Blonde" (of unknown origin), Leadbelly's "Whoa Buck," and the 1960s R&B ballad "End of the World."




Up to this point, we've been publishing our work in CD format, with the products being available on Amazon. Amazon has recently decided to discontinue Amazon Media on Demand, a tool for independent music producers and publishers. As a result, we're doing our best to list our music with online streaming services. To listen to the albums shown here, and others, please search your favorite streaming service for Dean Rathje.

Thank you.

Also, feel free to enjoy nearly four hours of free listening by choosing the podcasts below.


These four podcasts include two sets of old ballads and two sets of early blues adaptations.



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